Orsery offers, for all publishers, a complementary distribution/printing channel: first, a distribution in all partnering bookstores, and an on-demand printing in a professional quality, reaching the aspect of the original books.

The Orsery solution allows all your books to be available in bookstores by eliminating the booksellers space management issue. Moreover, for you and authors, Orsery gives books an unlimited shelf life without printing constraints. No overproduction, no related costs. Orsery can also take over printing if a book is out of stock. Joining Orsery is free of charge for publishers. Orsery will manage and pay the publisher’s margin.


Partner publishers

Many famous French and worldwide publishers trust Orsery. We are welcoming all type of publishers, together with foreign publishers. If you are a small independent publisher, Orsery is great opportunity to have your books directly available in bookstores, without any cost !


Books’ catalog

You can choose the books you want to propose on Orsery platform , according to your strategy and your authors’ wishes.

Many sizes of books

Orsery solution prints all sizes of books between 140 x 201 mm to 204 x 285 mm, from 40 to 396 pages.

Colors control

Orsery prints in black & white as well as in 16 million colors, with 1,200 dpi resolution. Novels, comics, travel books… thanks to digital printing technology, we have no restriction!

Books Covers

Orsery selected a 270 grams graphics card with 2 sides which reproduces the original cover’s graphics in high definition.

Secure files

Your files are stored on a secure datacenter. Every time a client orders a book, a file, which was specifically created, is send to the digital press via the dedicated ADSL line and then deleted as soon as the book is printed. Every copy of the book is marked with an unique number. The bookseller can never access to the book file and cannot print it a second time. The solution was conceived for giving a maximum security to books and publishers.

Available in other Countries

You choose the countries where you want your books to be distributed and printed on demand: France, Overseas Departments and Territories, Belgium, Switzerland, French speaking and foreign countries… enhance your international visibility along with Orsery development, without logistic constraints!

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